We offer comprehensive legal advice and guidance as well as all legal and notarial services for companies, private individuals and in special fields.

special areas of law

We dispose of a number of specialties with high relevance to non-ordinary tasks. Our attorneys all have individual passions, hobbies with legal connections and in specialized legal fields where their knowledge is exceptionally well suited. May these be tasks involving legal problem-solving for events in the sports and culture area, particular requirements in regards to Transport Law and Trademark Law, activities as a financial intermediary or inquiries regarding International Notarial Law.

private clients

You benefit from our wide-ranging assistance which no single lawyer can now offer given today’s quickly changing legal requirements. And yet we still concentrate on areas of law in which we possess above-average expert knowledge, for example: marriage, family and divorce law, inheritance law, notarial matters, insurance law, traffic law and criminal traffic law.

First of all, however, at the beginning of our activity comes the agreement on the content and cost of the work. It is important to us that you know what we will do for you, what it will achieve and what it will cost.

business clients

Whether as an outsourced legal department or on a case-by-case basis we can offer you our services tailor-made.

We will be pleased to provide you with legal advice on the establishment, restructuring and dissolution of companies as well as to support you in succession arrangements.
We handle national and international contract law and can represent you in contract negotiations as well as
in litigation.

We will protect you from unjustified claims and will assert your claims. Thanks to our technical knowledge we can also assist in complex disputes where not just legal expertise is required but where also the expert knowledge of the client, the company plays an important role.